The Club Mastermind, established in 2007, represents over thirty-five independent real estate investors who are committed to improving Baltimore. Our mission is to renovate neglected and abandoned homes throughout the region.

Collaboration and shared education is our key in getting this job done.  We work diligently with new investors to navigate the processes of permitting, zoning, participating in CHAP, and other programs in the Baltimore area.  We also work on what to expect from contractors, realtors and home buyers. While new investors can become a repetitive challenge for staff within these departments, we diligently focus on education to minimize this learning curve. As always though, the best lessons come from hands on experience.  As each new investor works his or her way through the first few renovation projects,  their fellow members are standing by to assist and coach them as needed.

Although we are independent real estate investors, we collaborate extensively to identify and share local labor talent, hold each other accountable for high quality, and support each other when working through challenges that may arise during renovations (e.g. structural damage, utility connections, or finding the right contractor for the task.)

We employ small local contractors and most of the materials we use to rebuild our houses are purchased locally. 

Hampden 21211

Edmonston Village 21229

Union Square 21223


Recent Successes


2014 Baltimore Heritage Historic Preservation Award for 427 Drury Lane in Ten Hills (Marion Bishoff)

2013 Historic Preservation Award for 106 Gilmor Street in Union Square (Lauren Cartoux)

2011 Historic Preservation Award for 1001 Hollins in Hollins Market (Lauren Cartoux)

Beechfield 21229

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